Turkey Tenderloin

Serving suggestion

Turkey Tenderloin

Form of packaging None VAC
Weight ~g ~g


Nutrition facts in 100g
Energy value 468,2kJ/110,7kcal
Total Fat 1,4g
Saturated 0,6g
Total Carbohydrate 0,2g
Sugars 0,2g
Protein 23,9g
Salt 0,15g

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Wielkopolski Indyk

Wielkopolski Indyk is a family business with deep tradition in the food production industry. The company was established in 1967 at the initiative of Alfred Glinkowski. Over the years the company had been developed by its founder, who gradually introduced his descendants - Włodzimierz, Zbigniew, Henryk & Grzegorz - into the secrets of top quality poultry production.

Secretary's Office / Accounting / HR

Wielkopolski indyk,
Bolesławiec 12A, 62-050 Mosina
+48 61 893 03 04
+48 61 893 03 07

Sales Department

Wielkopolski Indyk,
Bolesławiec 12A, 62-050 Mosina
+48 61 893 03 10 (Fresh)
sprzedaz@wielkopolski-indyk.pl +48 61 893 03 27 (Cured)