Terms of Sale

  1. The difference in the quantity of delivered goods may not exceed +/- 10% in relation to the ordered quantity.
  2. In the case of receiving goods of improper health or commercial quality or for other reasons inconsistent with the order, the Buyer may refuse to accept the goods in whole or in part, and in case of acceptance of the goods – immediately report the complaint to the Seller. In the case of returning the goods by the Buyer as a result of withdrawal from the contract due to a defect in the goods or demanding the replacement of the goods with a defect, the Seller undertakes to collect / replace the goods at their own expense.
  3. The Buyer may refuse to accept all or part of the goods due to delayed delivery and the Seller shall not be entitled to any claims against the Buyer.
  4. The Seller is obliged to pay to the Buyer a contractual penalty:
    – if the Seller fails to deliver the product on time and in the quantity consistent with the order (unless the difference in the quantity delivered does not exceed 10%) – in the amount of 20% of the gross value of the not delivered goods at the time;
    – in the case of delivery of goods of improper quality or for other reasons inconsistent with the order – in the amount of 20% of the gross value of the goods covered by the complaint; however, in the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contractual penalty is calculated on the value of the goods subject to withdrawal from the contract; a claim for payment of a contractual penalty is vested in the Buyer regardless of the rights resulting from the warranty and does not cause their exclusion or limitation.
    The reservation of a contractual penalty does not exclude the right to seek supplementary compensation.
  5. The contract concluded on basis of placed order is subject to the provisions of Polish law and will be interpreted in accordance with this law. Any disputes that may arise in connection with its conclusion shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court competent for the registered office of the Buyer.



Wielkopolski Indyk

Wielkopolski Indyk is a family business with deep tradition in the food production industry. The company was established in 1967 at the initiative of Alfred Glinkowski. Over the years the company had been developed by its founder, who gradually introduced his descendants - Włodzimierz, Zbigniew, Henryk & Grzegorz - into the secrets of top quality poultry production.

Secretary's Office / Accounting / HR

Wielkopolski indyk,
Bolesławiec 12A, 62-050 Mosina
+48 61 893 03 04
+48 61 893 03 07

Sales Department

Wielkopolski Indyk,
Bolesławiec 12A, 62-050 Mosina
+48 61 893 03 10 (Fresh)
sprzedaz@wielkopolski-indyk.pl +48 61 893 03 27 (Cured)