In the twenty-first century it is difficult to build a strong brand without looking into the future. You cannot ignore all life aspects that influence on that future. In our company we are particular about using practices that harmonize with the immediate environment. In order to enjoy the high-quality turkey production, we are and want to be friendly to the environment surrounding us. Not only are we obligated to do so because of the National Park nearby, but also our awareness and responsibility of the possible degradation will affect our production, and ultimately our image.

That is why we equipped our facilities with its own sewage treatment plants working all year long. The technological start-up took place in November 2007 and since then all the waste from our production plant after the initial blood and solids separation and fat flotation end up in a sequential biological reactor SBR.

Unfortunately, this kind of raw sewage contain a high load of coal and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. However, our treatment is based on the active sludge work which copes well with the difficult, post-production sewage and allows us to achieve a very high degree of purification.

Our treatment plant is a high-technology equipment. This means that is has got an additional anoxic chamber for the denitrification process. Thanks to separate chambers for nitrification and denitrification the wastewater is clean. The dewatered sludge is used for agricultural purpose because of its ability to enrich the fields in nitrogen and phosphorus compounds.