The scope of business activity of “Wielkopolski Indyk” Sp. z o.o. is slaughtering and cutting poultry and providing poultry meat in accordance with customer requirements and legal regulations. We sell all products ensuring their highest quality at competitive prices in order to meet our customers’ expectations.
The operation of the plant based on the quality management system and food safety management system compliant with the requirements of the IFS standard is aimed at increasing customer confidence.
Having in mind that the existence of our Company relies on the satisfaction of our Customers, we set a strategic goal for our organisation: the commitment to produce fresh meat and meat products of stable and repeatable quality, which are safe for consumers’ health.
We ensure the health safety of our products by adhering to the principles of Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices and by analysing health risks and monitoring the Critical Control Points on a regular basis, from the intake of livestock to the delivery of the product to the customer.
We also aim to implement the food quality and safety policy by setting development goals for the organisation:
* Pursuing business on the basis of ethical principles as set forth in the plant’s Ethics Policy.
* Improving infrastructure,
* Raising the quality-related awareness of employees through training and evaluation of their performance,
* Continuous monitoring of product quality on the basis of regulatory requirements.
Employees of the plant are obliged to make every effort to implement the Food Quality and Safety Policy in order to achieve the objectives.